Friday, July 30, 2010

We're Hittin' the Road!

Me and Mom are hitting the road....heading out into the great wide open....I'll tell ya all about it...have a seat, pour yourself a drink..kick your shoes off and sit a all started back in April....

I called my Mom up to wish her a Happy Birthday...and as a present, I told her I would take her anywhere in the world for 10 days. Now, keep in mind, up until she became legendary for her yearly appearances (and slave-like labor) at my Thanksgiving Bashes in the old 57 Flatbush Extension place (last one we had before they kicked us out and tore the building down had over 250 people come through!) she had never been on an airplane.  She ended up coming to NYC for 8 years in a row and is probably more famous (and more well-loved) than myself! Anyway, what was I saying? Oh I said "where would you like to go? England? Ireland? Spain? Florida?" etc.....she said (insert Midwest accent here) "Oh, no, Tom...just come home!" I said "Ma, it's not really a vacation for anybody when I just come home!" I said "Think about it, Ma...look around the internet! Let's go somewhere" and she was still just pushing for me to "come home" changed the subject, and were talking about the local gossip, etc...and she happened to mention how she had already starting seeing yard sales and garage sales (a Clark family favorite past-time...and my Ma is one sharp cookie..she has found me some of my rarest guitars and records, etc!) She then mentioned she had heard about "the worlds longest yard sale" that goes from Ohio to Alabama on Rt. 127.....something like 651 miles! I said "Hey, Ma...wanna go to that?" And again, she said "why don't you just come home?"...I then said "Listen, you wanna rent a minivan and go to the worlds longest yard sale?"....and to my amazement...she said quietly "Ok!" !!!!
      So, folks....Me and Ma Clark are hittin' the road. It's gonna be fuuuun. We're making a game of it, too...There's gonna be daily video updates by Mom, describing what we saw, bought and ate that day. There will be photos. Oh yes, there will be photos! Stay tuned, people. Don't touch that dial! I'm leaving for Illinois on the 2nd, and the first post will be of that day! See ya real soon!