Monday, August 9, 2010

I promise there's more

Hang in there! We got back late last night....long drive,  and i can't put my new guitar down. Posting new vid and other junk tonight. Some other vids and pics, too. I can't thank you all enough for the kind's really made this trip extra special that you all could come really did! Mom is out getting her mail re-started, and buying a pair of big Jackie O sunglasses..and probably hiring some local kids as security in case the paparazzi gets outta hand at the gig on Wedsnesday. We all know what happened to Lady Di, and she wasn't half the star Ma Clark ounce of prevention....
and she's already asked me what 'bling' is, and how she can 'pimp out her ride' and stylize her 'crib'....god..we've created a monster!


  1. Mom needs a Chartourage.
    Man, I wish I had been on that trip...well, except for the scary mountain bit.

  2. still waiting........ :) hope you are both getting some well needed rest! Bargain hunting is hard work! I know!!!!

  3. Welcome home!!!! I love reading about your adventures and watching the video's. The smiles tell it all! I want to take a trip again with my mom! Thanks TOm and Mom

  4. Tell her she needs to keep some Cristal in the fridge