Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tom and Brother Jim...is he REALLY worried that Mom won't come back? You be the judge..

and by the way...what's the matter with broken guitars and games from the 60's???


  1. the battery ran out...maybe thats why it's jumping around....more from jim later.....dang...missed some good stuff...ha!

  2. oh man- this was good stuff! what was it that we missed. Drive safely-(insert crossing myself here) and take lots and lots of pics. Can't wait to see AC on the screen! could you post a map with the little red dotted line showing your route???

  3. It might just be the pesky solar flares happening today making all tech-related media go all wacky-woo, but did you intend to post with a normal-speed audio and a video set on 'Benny Hill' speed? Not that it's a BAD thing. Apart from the seizures I got from watching it, the jittery motion sort of makes the two of youse seem spry. Or do you actually move that fast to avaoid being 'corrected' by your folks when you interrupt them while they try to speak? And BTW, why does your brother sound like he's got a Bahston accent?

    Very entertaining, even with the seizures. Keep em coming.

  4. That was just great. I love the way brothers interact.